Mark’s Bio

Mark is a Sussex born father of two, and splits his time between writing, and caring for animals in the family business.  Fred’s Shed came to life remembering time spent with both his grandfathers (both called Frederick!) and, as a result, he is a keen gardener who loves to grow veg with his daughters.  They all agree there is nothing better than tasting the fruits of your labour. The Garden of the Year is his first book but he already has more to follow and hopes you enjoy them all!

Louise’s Bio

Louise completed her degree in Fine Art at Northbrook College in Sussex in 2015.  Known for her landscape paintings, Louise is new to the world of illustration, The Garden of the Year being her first published work.  Aside from her love of Art, Louise is a cat lover and is lucky to also work with animals.  She hopes that you enjoy The Fred’s Shed series.

Fred's Shed Books